Create an audit trail

Spotlight Forecasting provides the ability to create a comprehensive audit trail providing a step-by-step history of rules added, and adjustments made. You can also see who made changes and when.

The History section provides an automatic audit trail. In addition you can add notes and comments when adding rules and adjustments. Notes are intended to be for internal use Assumptions** are intended to be shared with your client to help provide further context to the rules that have been applied.

Add a comment

You can add a comment when applying an adjustment to your Budget, Forecast and Scenario Profit and Loss accounts. Comments are automatically included in your History section.

When adding an adjustment to your Cashflow Forecast, enter your comment into the Description field.

Add, edit and delete a Note

Add a note when adding rules to your Forecast and Scenario Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet. Notes are automatically included in the Notes page of your report pack:

  1. Click the Add Note button, and enter the required details.
  2. Select ‘Include in Assumptions page of report’ to include your note in this page of your report pack to share with your client.
  3. Click Save Note.
  4. Click Delete to remove your note, or Edit to make any changes.
  5. Click Save Rule.

Notes do not appear in your History section.

View the History

Spotlight Forecasting lets you view the history for each task you are working on. This way you can see at a glance which user has made changes to the accounts and rules. Accounts, adjustments and rules added are all included in your history.

Click the Refresh link on your Customise Data screen, or your browser Refresh button to view updates to your History section.

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