Customise your report layout and content

Customise the layout of your reports and charts from the Customise Layout screen. You must make a selection in the Report Filter before going any further. Click on the thumbnail of a report page and uncheck ‘Include in report’ if you don’t want to include a page in your report pack. For example, you may want to exclude the internal Notes page from the report pack you are sharing with clients and other external parties.

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Customise your Charts

Set a report filter

Choose a filter for your report:

  1. Check the filter you’d like to apply from the Report Filter dropdown menu.
    Note: If you’d like to include more than one report in your pack, for example, your Profit and Loss Budget and your Forecast, simply select the checkbox beside each report filter you’d like included.
  2. Click Apply Filter then Change Filter.
    Note: When you change the filter, existing pages are hidden and new pages are displayed for the filter you selected. You can change the filter back to view the existing pages.

To reset your report and content layout back to the default, click the Reset button from the Report Filter dropdown.

Customise the report layout

Customise the layout of your report:

  • Change the order of your pages: Click and drag the page thumbnail to the desired new position.
  • Remove a page from your report: Click the cog icon at the top right of the page thumbnail and clear the Include in report check box, then click Save.
  • Delete a page forever from your report pack: Click the cog icon at the top right of the page thumbnail and click Delete Page.

Customise report content

Customise the layout of an individual report page:

  • Locate the thumbnail for the page you’d like to change, then click Customise.

About the Assumptions and Notes pages

The Assumptions page of your report pack allows you to share notes with clients. Where you have added Notes within a rule and checked the ‘Include in Assumptions Page’ checkbox, these are included in the Assumptions page.

The Notes page includes all the notes you’ve saved, and is intended for internal purposes only.

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