Consolidated Forecasting - Frequently asked questions

If you have a question about consolidated forecasting, please check to see if the answer is listed here. If not, you can always get in touch with our Support team - use the Help > Raise Support Query option within Spotlight to ask a question.

Can I use different currencies in my consolidation?

Yes, if the individual entities in your consolidated forecast have different currencies, their values will be converted to the currency you chose for the consolidated report. You can find out more about working with the exchange rates used for this here.

Can I link a consolidation from Reporting?

At the moment a consolidation within Spotlight Reporting cannot be linked to Spotlight Forecasting. The consolidated forecasting options are designed to bring together several individual forecasts into one consolidated forecast, rather than to create a brand new forecast from already consolidated data.

How can I make a change to values in my consolidated forecast?

To do this, open the individual organisation and then open the forecast or scenario you used for the consolidation. Make the changes as needed to the individual forecast or scenario.

Once you've done this, to ensure the changes are brought into the consolidation, open the consolidation and within the Manage Group tab click the Sync button alongside the entity you changed.

The values in Customise Data don't match the individual forecast

There are a couple of potential reasons for this:

  • All values in a consolidated forecast are shown in the group currency within Customise Data. This means that if the individual entity uses a different currency, the values you see in the consolidation's Customise Data tab have been converted to the group currency and won't match what you see in the individual entity.

  • If changes were made to the individual entity, but these changes have not been synced to the consolidated forecast, the changes will not be reflected within the Customise Data grid for the consolidation. To bring your changes into the consolidation, within the Manage Group tab click the Sync button alongside the relevant entity.


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