Create a budget, forecast and scenarios

Spotlight Forecasting lets you run your reports for a period up to 60 months.

To create a budget, forecast and scenarios follow these steps:

  1. From the dashboard click the Go to Task Manager button alongside your organisation’s name.
  2. Click the applicable button for the task you’d like to create (budget, forecast or scenario). You’ll be taken to the Customise Data tab.
  3. Enter your budget, forecast or scenario settings.
  4. Select a data source.
  5. Select which data to use.
  6. Save and Continue.
  7. Customise your data using the flexing options and rule modals.

Click Finish and go to the Task Manager at any time to perform a different task. You can edit your budget, forecast or scenarios by clicking on the budget, forecast or scenario name (in the coloured box) from the Task Manager.


When to use the Budget Manager

 A budget can be used to create a representation of future results to achieve during a specified time. Use the Budget Manager to flex your chosen data or create a budget from scratch.


When to use the Forecast Manager

 Use the Forecast Manager to create an accrual Profit and Loss forecast, an accrual Balance Sheet and a Cashflow Forecast. Full flexing functionality exists in the Forecast Manager so you can edit your numbers in the Profit and Loss forecast and you can apply rules to create cash and non-cash journals.


When to use the Scenario Manager

Use your budget, forecast, or an existing scenario as the starting point and flex the numbers to see the impact of an increase or decrease in revenue, cost of sales, and expenses. You may like to create a worst case scenario and one for the best case. You could also change the revenue payment terms to show the impact of improved debtor collection. Creating a scenario allows you to create additional 3-way forecasts but with different flexing or rules. You may create up to five scenarios from the scenario section on the Task Manager.


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