Recording Shareholder/Director drawings

To record shareholder/director drawings within Spotlight Forecasting, you can use a Balance Sheet rule.

  1. Within the forecast, open the Balance Sheet tab.
  2. Open the Equity section, then locate your drawings account.
  3. Click Add Rule, then enter a name for the rule.
  4. From the Rule Type drop-down list, choose Balance Sheet.
  5. From the Select Account to Apply Rule To drop-down list, choose your Drawings account.
  6. From the Journal To drop-down list, choose the bank account from which the drawings should be paid.
  7. Click Next, then enter the required monthly figures for the drawings journal(s).
  8. Click Next, then click Save Rule.

Please make sure that your journals have updated the data grid as expected by refreshing the orange bar that appears. The drawings values now appear in your Balance Sheet and Cashflow Forecast. 

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