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Within Spotlight, you can customise most of the pages in your report. On the Profit and Loss Analysis page, you can choose from a number of different page settings.

To access the Profit and Loss settings 

To view the available options, you need to customise the Profit and Loss Analysis page.

  1. From the Customise Layout tab locate the Profit & Loss Analysis page, then click Customise.

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  2. From the top right-hand corner of the page, click the Show Settings link.
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You can then see and work with the customisation options available for the Profit and Loss Analysis page.

Note:  If you prefer, to ensure that all reports use the same default settings, you can also set some of these options at practice level.

The settings available

There are a number of different settings available on the report.

Report Types

You can choose from two different report types.  The report type you choose affects the further options available in the Customise Rows setting. The following options are available:

  • NOP - Net Operating Profit layout
  • EBITDA - Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization layout

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Note: You can also set this option at practice level. When you set an option at practice level, it automatically applies to any new reports.

Detail level / Choose layout

Note: For the new style profit and loss pages, you also have the option to create your own layout

There are three detail levels available within the profit and loss settings.  Once you've made any changes, to show these changes on the report, click Update.

  • Summary with charts - This is the default setting on all new profit and loss pages.  This detail level includes the summary profit and loss table report and three charts from the Chart Gallery. If you prefer, you can customise these charts or change them for others from the gallery. 
  • Summary - This detail level only includes the summary profit and loss table report.
  • Detailed - This shows the full detailed report. As this layout shows the most amount of information, to ensure there is enough space for the account information it doesn't contain charts.
  • Create Layout (new style profit and loss only) - You can use this option to create your own profit and loss layout


Customise Columns

There are a number of options available to customise the columns in your report. Once you've made any changes, to show these changes on the report, click Update.

Note: You can have a maximum of 12 columns per page. If you need to show more options, you can add multiple profit and loss pages to your report with the Add Page option.  You can then customise the new page to include the additional columns.

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The Comparisons options are available within the Customise Columns option. The comparisons available include the option to compare monthly, two monthly or quarterly values, and include budget and prior year comparisons.

Note: The comparison options contain multiple columns. As the maximum number of columns on a page is set to 12, if the total number of columns you need is above this you will need to use the Add Page option to include new copies of the Profit and Loss Analysis page.

Screenshot 2017 07 05 17.10.32

Customise Rows

Note: This option applies to the old style profit and loss only.  To customise rows in the new profit and loss report, you should use account groupings.

You can choose the rows you want to present on the profit and loss reports, and whether you prefer to sort in A-Z order or by value. 

To show or hide a row or row type

To show a row type on your report, select the check box alongside the required row name.  To hide a row type, clear the check box.

Note: If the row name is a type of account, rather than the name of a total line, when you select or clear the check box the report shows or hides all accounts of that type. 

To sort the rows

You can sort accounts in alphabetical order, or by value.  To do this, from the drop-down list alongside the row type, choose the required option:

  • A-Z - This option sorts the accounts in alphanumeric order
  • Value - This option sorts the accounts by value, based on the year to date (YTD) value for the accounts.  

    Note: For this option to work correctly, you must select to display the YTD column on your report.

To edit the name of a row

You can edit the names of the total rows on your report - for example if you prefer to show a Total Sales line instead of Total Revenue.

  1. Locate the row you want to edit, then click the pencil icon alongside the row name.
  2. Enter the name you want to use for this row, then to save your changes click the check mark.

Note:  If you prefer, to ensure that all reports use the same default settings, you can also set these options at practice level.

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