Quickbooks Online

Connecting to Quickbooks Online

The first time you import data from Quickbooks Online you’ll need to connect (integrate) Spotlight and Quickbooks Online together.

  1. From the Import tab, click the QuickBooks Online icon.
  2. Click the “Connect to QuickBooks” button.  You're then redirected to QuickBooks.
  3. Enter your QBO account details and click “Sign In”.
  4. Select the organisation you want to connect to.
  5. To authorise the connection, click the blue “Authorize” button. You're then redirected back to Spotlight.

You only need to connect Spotlight and Quickbooks Online the first time you import data from this source. The connection will continue, for subsequent reports you simply need to adjust which data you’d like Spotlight to import.

Import data from Quickbooks Online

  1. On the Import tab, use the tick boxes to define whether you want to import Actual and/or Budget data.
  2. Enter the date range you want to import in the 'From' and 'To' boxes.
  3. To begin the import, click 'Import'.  Your first import may take a few moments as we’re pulling across large amounts of data.

Going forward and for any subsequent reports you don’t need to reimport the data you already have. Simply update the date range and click ‘Import’ to bring in the newest data. Reimporting data will override the existing figures relating to that data in Spotlight and any changes you’ve made to that existing data in Spotlight.

Remove the connection to Quickbooks Online

To remove and delete all of your Quickbooks Online data, from the Import tab click the “Remove Account” button.

Note: Removing the Quickbooks Online account will permanently delete all of your Quickbooks Online data in Spotlight, along with any Report Code or Spotlight Display name changes that you have previously made.

If you’d like to keep your existing Quickbooks Online data in Spotlight, instead of using the 'Remove Account' option, click 'Disconnect'.  This disconnects your Quickbooks Online account from Spotlight, without removing the data you've already imported.

Data not importing

First, click the ‘Customise Data’ tab and select the financial year that you're trying to import.

If a lock symbol appears on the cells, you'll need to change the lock date for the organisation before you can import data from Quickbooks Online.

If there is no lock symbol, please go to the Import tab and try importing data for a smaller period of time, for example three months.

  • If the import works, continue importing your data in small increments
  • If the import still fails, please contact us.

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