Organisation Settings

Note: Organisation settings options are only available to users with the Practice Admin or Manager user role.


To access the organisation settings

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Note: The options are specific to the individual organisation.  For options that affect the whole practice, you can use the Practice Settings option.

  1. From the main Spotlight screen, click the Settings link under the organisation name.
  2. Make any required changes, then from the bottom of the page, click Save.

The settings options available

The settings are held within separate tabs.

Organisation Settings

The following options are available within the Organisation Settings tab:

  • Organisation Name / Group Name - The name you entered for the organisation or group when you created it. 
  • Location - The optional location for the organisation or group. This information doesn't appear on reports.
  • Internal ID - The optional internal ID for the organisation or group. This information doesn't appear on reports.
  • Abbreviation (Spotlight Multi, entity level only) - The abbreviation to use for the entity.
  • Logo - You can add a logo specific to this organisation or group. This overrides any logo you added in your practice settings.
  • End of Financial Year - The year end for the organisation or group (balance date).
  • Lock Date (does not apply to Spotlight Forecasting) - The date to which you want to lock the data, preventing Spotlight from updating it during an import.  You should set this no later than the month before you want to start importing data.
  • Currency Label for Report - This should be set to the currency you use in your accounting system.  In a group (Spotlight Reporting and Spotlight Multi only), the individual organisation currency is used along with the group currency to determine the exchange rate.
  • Show Archived Accounts - Show or hide accounts which are archived in your accounting system.
  • Anonymised Name (Spotlight Multi, entity level only) - The name to use for the entity on the anonymised ranking page.
  • Import Deleted Tracking Items (does not apply to groups or Spotlight Forecasting) - This option applies to Xero only. Choose whether to import deleted tracking items. 
  • Zero Balance Tracking Items (does not apply to groups or to Spotlight Forecasting) - This option applies to Xero only. Choose whether to show or hide tracking categories with zero balances.
  • Delete your organisation - Permanently delete the organisation or group from Spotlight. This option cannot be undone.

    Note: Before you delete an organisation, you should download your reports to PDF.  You can do this from the Report History tab.

Report History

This tab contains a list of the reports you've created for the organisation or group.  It includes the following information:

Note: For Spotlight Forecasting, as it contains a rolling forecast only one entry appears.  You can access the task manager for the forecast directly from this window.

  • Date - The date of the report.
  • Published - The date on which the report was published.  If the report isn't yet published, this column is blank.
  • Description - The report title.
  • Actions - You can choose to edit the report, download it as a PDF, send the report by email or delete the report.

Categories / FX

Note: This option is only available when working with a group within Spotlight Reporting or Spotlight Multi.

The following options are available in this tab:

  • Manage Group - Open the Manage Group option to change the group name, the currency to use for the group report, and add or remove organisations.
  • Edit Exchange Rates - You can use this option to view and edit the exchange rates used in the group.  For further information, please refer to our separate Foreign Exchange Rates and Options article.

    Note: This option is only available if at least one organisation in the group has a different currency to the group currency.

  • Edit Categories - You can use this option to create your own categories, then assign labels to the organisations in the group.  For example, if you want to record the agent who deals with each organisation, you can use the categories to do this.

Entity Names

Note: This option only applies to Spotlight Multi. The name of the tab varies, depending on the label you chose to use for the entities when you first created the group.

The entity name, abbreviation and anonymised name of each entity in the group.  To manually change any of this information, click the name of the entity to access that entity's Settings option.

For the anonymised name, which appears on the anonymised rankings page, you can change this for all entities at once.

  1. Click Reset Anonymisation, then enter a new prefix to use for each anonymised name.
  2. To apply the change, click Reset.

Formula Gallery

From this tab, you can view and edit all of the formulae available to this organisation, as well as creating your own.  For further information about how to use the formula gallery, please refer to our separate Formula Gallery article.


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