Apply a Cashflow Forecast adjustment

The Cashflow Forecast tab allows you to preview your forecast and apply additional adjustments before proceeding to the Customise Layout tab. To move an amount from one forecast month to another, follow these steps:

  1. From the Customise Data tab click the Cashflow Forecast tab. Note: Click the expand icon beside your account categories to see individual account amounts.
  2. Click the Add Adjustment button and populate the fields:
    • Description: Enter a description for your adjustment. This will appear in the History section.
    • Account: Select the account you’d like to adjust from the dropdown.
    • Amount: Enter the amount you’d like to move.
    • Move From: Select the calendar month you’d like the amount moved from.
    • Move To: Select the calendar month you’d like the amount moved to.
  3. Click Apply Adjustment.

Your Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet are updated based on adjustments applied to your Cashflow Forecast.

Note: we do not recommend that you make multiple changes to your Cashflow Forecast in this tab. We suggest that you go back to the Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet rules to make further changes.

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