Inventory entries

To record inventory or stock movements within Spotlight Forecasting, you can use a non-cash rule.

  1. Within the forecast, open the Profit & Loss tab.
  2. Open the Cost of Sales section, then locate your Opening Stock and Closing Stock accounts.
  3. Click Add Rule, then enter a name for the rule.
  4. From the Rule Type drop-down list, choose Non Cash.
  5. From the Select Account to Apply Rule To drop-down list, choose your Opening Stock and Closing Stock accounts - alternatively select one of these accounts to record a net stock movement entry.
  6. From the Journal To drop-down list, choose the Stock Asset account.
  7. Click Next, then click Save Rule.

The inventory or stock values now appear in your Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss reports only - these values will be excluded from the Cashflow Forecast report. 

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