Cashflow Forecast - Other Flows

Some accounting systems - for example MYOB or Sage 50 Accounts - don't provide us with clear cash values as part of the import. For these, to produce cash values from these systems we must import cash-based transactions (for example spend money, receive money, receipts and payments) and process these to arrive at the cash values for each account.

This can occasionally cause an issue when it comes to journals, since some accounting systems do not indicate whether a journal is a cash transaction or not, while others can have journals marked as both cash and accrual. This can sometimes result in a difference between the balance sheet bank balance and cash flow forecast cash position in periods of actuals.

To resolve this, the Cash Flow Forecast page includes an 'Other Flows' row. This row automatically generates a value to ensure that the calculation of opening bank balance minus net cash flows agrees to the closing bank balance figure on the cash flow forecast during periods of actuals.

If you notice a difference between the bank balance and cash position during periods of actuals, you can enable this row via the Show Settings option when customising the Cash Flow Forecast page.

To include the row on the cash flow forecast expand the page settings and click Customise Rows.

Cashflow Forecast settings

Here you will be able to include the Other Flows row and also rename the row as needed.

Cashflow Forecast row options

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