Consolidation in Spotlight Reporting

Spotlight Reporting was designed for company consolidations of up to 75 organisations. You can use it to create both consolidated and organisation level comparative Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reports and includes the options for multi-currency reporting and eliminations.

Once you’ve set up each organisation in Spotlight Reporting, you can add a group and choose which entities to include in the group report. You can then create a new report in which you can customise the data, customise the layout of the report and finally share or download a copy of your consolidated report.

You can still run reports for the individual organisations once you’ve added them to a group.

Note: When you add a group, this counts toward your overall number of organisations in Spotlight. Depending on your subscription, this may result in an additional charge.

Create a group

Note: To get started quickly, we recommend that you add the individual organisations to Spotlight before you create the group. If required, you can add an organisation to multiple groups.

  1. From the dashboard, click Add Group.
Screen Shot 2021 02 19 at 11.25.41 am

  1. Enter a name for the group, and from the Currency for Group Report drop-down list, choose the currency in which you’d like to run the consolidated report.
  2. If you’ve already added the relevant organisations, select the check boxes for those you want to include in the group.
  3. To save and create the group, click Save.

Add a new organisation to a group

  1. From the dashboard, click Add Organisation.
  2. Enter a name, location and internal ID.

    Note: Only the name field is required and Location and Internal ID are optional fields.
  3. Next, connect the organisation to a data source. Click the required data source then follow the on-screen prompts to connect the organisation.
  4. To return to the dashboard, click the Spotlight icon at the top left-hand corner of the screen.
  5. From the dashboard, locate the relevant group then click Settings.
  6. From the Categories/FX section, click Manage Group.
  7. Select the check box for each organisation you want to add, then click Save.

Note: You can still run individual reports for the organisation after you add it to a group.  If required, you can add an organisation into multiple groups.

Remove an organisation from a group

  1. From the dashboard, locate the relevant group then click Settings.
  2. From the Group Organisation section, click Manage Group.
  3. Clear the check boxes for any organisation you want to remove, then click Save.

Note: When you remove an organisation from a group, this does not remove it from Spotlight.  You can permanently delete an organisation from its organisation settings screen.

Create a group report

Once a group has been created, it will take you straight into the file to begin preparing the report. The below screen shot shows the tabs across the top of a page, which is the workflow that will be used when creating a the consolidated report.

Screen Shot 2021 02 19 at 12.28.08 am

Import data for all organisations

  1. From the dashboard, locate the relevant group then click New Report.
  2. The Import screen appears and shows a list of the organisations and data sources you’ve set up for this group.

    Note:  If you haven’t connected your individual organisations to the relevant data sources, from the main dashboard open the organisation and connect to all relevant data sources.

  3. Click each data source, select the check boxes for the data you want to import, then enter the relevant dates.  
  4. If you’re only importing data from Xero for all organisations, to import click Import All.  
  5. If you have several different types of data source, to Import click the Import button for each data source.

Note:  The Import All option only works when all of your data sources are from Xero.

For help with any of the data sources (Xero, Quickbooks Online, Excel, Google Analytics or WorkflowMax), or on what to do if an import fails please refer to the relevant import guide.

Customise Data

To review the data you’ve imported, or make any amendments, open the Customise Data tab.

Further help with Customise Data.

Customise Layout

From the Customise Layout tab, you can amend the layout, pages and graphs within your report.

Further help with customising your layout.


From the Preview tab, you can view your consolidated group report.


From the Complete tab, once you’re happy with the report you can view it online, email it to someone else, or download a PDF copy.

When you’re sure you don’t need to make any further changes, you can also publish your report.  Publishing a report finalises and locks the report, preventing further changes.  If you need a copy of the report, you can always access this from the Report History area in the group’s Settings page.  Any future updates to the data will not affect this report.

Delete a group

Note: When you delete a group, this deletes all of the consolidated reports produced for this group. Before you delete the group, we recommend that you save a copy of each report onto your computer. The individual organisations, and any individual reports produced for them, are not deleted with the group.  If you want to delete an individual organisation, you can do this from its organisation settings page.

  1. From the dashboard, locate the relevant group then click Settings.
  2. From the right-hand side of the page, click Delete Organisation.
  3. A message appears to confirm that you want to delete the group. To continue, click Delete.

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