Construction Template


The Construction template combines some of the key metrics construction businesses should focus on. These metrics are split across the Construction - Financial Metrics and Construction Metrics pages in Spotlight. To make the most of the template, you will need to:

  1. Source non-financial data
  2. Assign specific report codes to key accounts
  3. Evaluate the formulas and customise using the formula builder if necessary.

Non-financial data required

Most constructon metrics require financial and non-financial data. Therefore, you will need to collate and enter the following non-financial information into Spotlight:

  • Defects
  • Health & Safety incidents
  • Time - Billable (Actual and Target)
  • Time - Non Billable - Use this to record downtime
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Staff - Departures
  • Staff - Total

You can manually enter the data into the Non-Financial tab under Customise Data. Alternatively, enter the data into this Excel template and import it into Spotlight using the Excel import function on the Import tab.

Assign specific report codes to key accounts

Most report codes needed for the template are automatically assigned by Spotlight. However, for the metrics to calculate correctly you may need to assign some financial report codes manually. To do this, open Customise Data and locate the following accounts, then to assign the specified report code click the report code button:

  • Direct wages - EXP.COS.WAG (Expenses > Cost of goods sold > Direct wages)

Construction - Financial Metrics Page

Labour Cost to Revenue

Formula: Direct Wages / Trading Revenue * 100

Report codes used: EXP.COS.WAG, REV.TRA

Materials Cost to Revenue

Formula: (Cost of goods sold - Direct Wages) / Trading revenue * 100

Report codes used: EXP.COS, EXP.COS.WAG, REV.TRA

Top 3 Cost of Sales

Formula: Cost of Sales

Report codes used: EXP.COS

Gross Profit % (Efficiency)

Formula: (Trading revenue - Cost of goods sold) / Trading revenue * 100

Report codes used: REV.TRA, EXP.COS

Construction Metrics Page


Formula: Defects

Report codes used: OPR.DEF

Health & Safety Incidents

Formula: Health & Safety

Report codes used: OPR.SFY

Customer Satisfaction Rating

Formula: Customer Satisfaction

Report codes used: CUS.SAT

Actual vs Planned Hours Variance

Formula: (Time - billable (Actual) / Time - billable (Target) -1) * 100

Report codes used: TIM.BIL

Downtime %

Formula: Time - non-billable / (Time - billable + Time - non-billable) * 100

Report codes used: TIM.BIL, TIM.NON

Staff Turnover

Formula: Staff - Departures (rolling 12 months) / Staff - Total (average, rolling 12 months) * 100

Report codes used: STA.DEP, STA.TOT

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