Custom Pages

You can add content from other sources into Spotlight and keep all of your content in one report. Add extra content from your accounting software, like your aged debtors or creditors, stock movement or inventory. Include sales pipelines and customer data from your CRM. There’s essentially no limit to what you can add or where it comes from.

Add your own content

  1. In the Customise Layout tab, click Add Page.
  2. From the left-hand pane, click Add your own content.
  3. From the centre pane, select Custom Page.
  4. Click Next, then in the Page Settings area in the right-hand pane, enter the required page name and choose where you want to place the new page.
  5. Click Add Page.
  6. In the Customise Layout tab, find the new page and click the click the Customise button on the page.
  7. Click Add Content and upload the file (currently supports PDF*, JPEG or PNG files) either by:

    Using the Browse option to find and select the file.
    Dragging and dropping the file into the Upload Content box.
  8. Once the file has uploaded, click Save.

Note: If you upload a multi page PDF file, you can upload all pages or choose which pages to upload.

Customise your content page

Page settings

The following options are available in the Page Settings area:

  • Page Orientation - You can choose either landscape or portrait.
  • Show Header - Show or hide the header containing report information.
  • Show Footer - Show or hide the footer containing the page number and disclaimer.

Click the Update button to save your changes.

Image settings

To access the image settings, click Show Settings. The following options are available:

  • Size - Display the content based on the original size or increase/decrease the size by entering a value into the % of original size box.
  • Position - Set the alignment of the content on the report page. You can choose from Left, Centre, or Right.
  • Change Image - Replace content with a new image or page.
  • Delete Image - Remove the content from the page.

Click the Update button to save your changes.

Troubleshooting - Display issues

If the document doesn't appear as expected, there are a few things to try, depending on the issue:

  • An image inserted as a PDF appears as a black square - This is due to an issue with how the original PDF was created. Instead of inserting the file as a PDF, you can take a screenshot of the required information and insert it as a .JPG or .PNG image. Alternatively, you can load the original file into PDF editing software and re-save it.
  • The output PDF file is large after inserting other content - Check the size of the inserted content file. If you're inserting an image, please ensure the image is no larger than the required print size.
  • The inserted content appears distorted - Check the image settings under the Show Settings option and, if required, set these back to Original Size.

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