Customise your report layout and content

You can customise the layout of your reports and charts from the Customise Layout tab.  There are a few different ways in which you can customise the reports.

Set a report filter

As the same Customise Layout tab is in use for Budgets and Forecasts, before you can see all of the pages available, you'll need to choose a filter for your report.

To set a report filter

  1. From the Report Filter drop-down list, select the check box for the filter you'd like to apply.

    Note: If you prefer, you can apply more than one filter - for example to display Forecast and Scenario data on the same report.
  2. Click Apply Filter, then to confirm the changes click Change Filter.

Any pages which don't match the filter are then hidden, and new pages appear.  If you want to view any hidden pages, you can change the filter again.

To reset the report filter

If you want to reset the report and content back to the default pages - for example if you've changed pages and want them back to the default settings - click the Reset button from the Report Filter drop-down list.

Note: Resetting the filter returns all pages to their default state, and removes any changes you may have made.  This process cannot be undone.

Customise the report layout

There are several ways in which you can customise the overall report structure:

  • Change the order of your pages - Click and drag the page thumbnail to the desired new position.
  • Remove a page from your report - Click the hamburger icon at the top right of the page thumbnail and clear the Include in report check box, then click Save.  If you need to, you can later select the check box to include the report again.
  • Delete a page from your report pack - Click the hamburger icon at the top right of the page thumbnail and click Delete Page.  This process cannot be undone.

Customise report content

For some of the pages on the report, you can make changes to the format of the page itself.  To access these options:

  • Locate the thumbnail for the page you’d like to change, then click Customise.

About the Assumptions and Notes pages

You can use the Assumptions page of your report pack to share notes with clients. Where you have added Notes within a rule and selected the ‘Include in Assumptions Page’ checkbox, these are included in the Assumptions page.

The Notes page includes all the notes you’ve saved, and is intended for internal purposes only.

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