Default KPIs and Targets

With Spotlight, you can monitor how your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are performing against set targets for the current month or year to date (YTD).

You can report on KPIs in Spotlight Reporting, Spotlight Multi & Spotlight Dashboards using the Target and KPI Charts.

Spotlight Default KPIs

There are several default KPI accounts pre-built into the data grid:

  • Cash
  • Cash in YTD
  • Cash out YTD
  • Equity
  • Gross Profit %
  • Net Operating Profit %
  • Profit
  • Revenue

Each default KPI calculates the actual performance in the background based on your financial data. You can enter the required target directly into the data grid.

The KPI Target Scorecard automatically shows the organisations performance against targets on a YTD basis. For help with how to change this, please refer to our KPI Target Scorecard article.

Enter Default KPI values

  1. From the Customise Data tab click the KPIs/Targets tab.
  2. Locate the account you want to amend, then enter the YTD target values directly into the data grid against the appropriate account.

You can enter targets for future months. As the year progresses, the actual values for each account update in the background each time you import new data.

You can now include the KPI account using the KPI Target Scorecard.

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