Dynamic rules - Troubleshooting

When working with dynamic rules, if you encounter difficulties saving the rules or with the generated values, there may be a number of causes.

Your formula contains a circular reference

When you save a rule, the following message may appear:

'Your formula contains a circular reference with the account <account name>. Please correct the formula before continuing.'

This happens because the account named in the formula is the same as the account to which the dynamic rule is applied. To resolve this and save the dynamic rule, you should remove the account from the formula, or change the account to which the rule is applied.

dynamic rules circular reference3

The report code <code> includes the account <account>

If you choose to create a formula using report codes, rather than specific account names, when you save a rule the following message may appear:

'The report code <report code> includes the account <account> which you are applying the dynamic rule to.  The account <account> won't be included in the dynamic rule calculation.'

This happens if you've chosen the report code which contains the account for which you're creating the dynamic rule. For example, if you have several Trading Revenue accounts including Product Revenue, and you apply a dynamic rule to the Product Revenue account which uses Trading Revenue in the formula, it creates a circular reference and this message appears.

You can still save the dynamic rule, however the values in the affected account (Product Revenue in the example above) are not included in the calculation - this prevents the circular reference.

dynamic rules report code included2

Multiple dynamic rules cannot be added to the same account if the date ranges overlap

Although you can apply multiple dynamic rules to an account, there can only be one rule for each date range in the forecast.  If you try to add another rule for a range that covers one or more months in an existing dynamic rule for the account, the following message appears:

'Multiple dynamic rules cannot be added to the same account if the date ranges overlap. The current date range overlaps with the date range <date> to <date> in rule <rule name>.  Please correct your date range before continuing.'

To resolve this, you would need to change the date range to exclude the period - named in the message - that is used in the existing dynamic rule.

dynamic rules one per month2

Account name changes

When you use the Account Name or Spotlight Display Name options in a dynamic rule, if you change the account name or Spotlight Display Name afterwards, this change does not automatically flow through.  This is because the original dynamic rule formula used the specific name, which is no longer in use.  This can mean that the rule no longer calculates the correct value.

To resolve this, edit the formula for the dynamic rule to add the new Account Name or Spotlight Display Name. Alternatively, if the required accounts use the same report code, create the formula using the Report Code option.

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