Google Analytics

Connecting to Google Analytics

The first time you import data from Google Analytics, you’ll need to connect (integrate) Spotlight and Google Analytics together:

  1. From the Import tab, click the Google Analytics data source.
  2. Click Continue to be redirected to Google.
  3. Enter your Google Account details and click “Sign In”.
  4. You’ll be redirected back to Spotlight where you can start importing your data.

Note: If you're signed into a Google account which is not connected to your Google Analytics account, you'll need to sign out of this Google account before you can sign into the account with the Google Analytics connection.

Import data from Google Analytics

  1. From the Import tab, select the date range, and which website data you’d like to import.
  2. To begin the import, click 'Import'.

Note: Going forward and for any subsequent reports you don’t need to reimport the data you already have. Simply update the date range and/or pages and select ‘import’ to bring in the newest data. Reimporting data will override the existing figures relating to that data in Spotlight and any changes you’ve made to that existing data in Spotlight.

Note: Currently only Universal Analytic (UA) type properties/views are currently supported.

Removing integration

To delete all of your Google Analytics data, from the Import tab click the “Remove Account” button.

Note: Removing the account will permanently delete all of your Google Analytics data, along with any Report Code or Spotlight Display name changes that you have made, on the Customise Data screen.

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