Location & Internal ID

What are Locations and Internal IDs?

You can assign a location and/or internal ID to organisations in Spotlight. Once assigned, you can:

  1. Search and filter the organisation dashboard by location
  2. Search and access organisations by their internal ID

How can you use locations and internal IDs?

Bookkeepers, Accountants, Advisors

  • Location: Identify which office/location each client belongs to - great for firms who have multiple offices operating one Spotlight account
  • Internal ID: Find organisations by the internal client ID used within the firm.

Business Users

  • Location: If your business operates in multiple locations or regions, assign a location to each organisation to easily search and filter by location/region.

Manage Location or Internal ID

When adding a new organisation to Spotlight, you can enter a location and/or internal ID - these are optional.

You can update the location and internal ID on the organisation settings page (click the Settings link under the organisation).

Note: there is no way to add these in bulk. You can only assign one location as well as one ID to any organisation at any time.

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