Medical Services Charts

Direct Costs % to Revenue

Medical Services Financial Metrics Direct Costs to Revenue3

Explanation:  Shows direct wages costs and material costs as a percentage of trading revenue.


  • Direct Wages: Direct Wages / Trading Revenue * 100
  • Materials: (Cost of goods sold - Direct Wages) / Trading Revenue * 100

Report codes used: EXP.COS.WAG, REV.TRA

Effective Hourly Rate

Medical Services Financial Metrics Effective Hourly Rate

Explanation: Measures the effective hourly rate based on trading revenue received and the number of hours worked.

Formula: Trading Revenue / Time

Report codes used: REV.TRA, TIM


Medical Services Patient Metrics Non Attendance

Explanation: Shows the total of appointments not attended by the patient within the month.

Formula: Sales - Cancellations

Report codes used: SAL.CAN

Overhead Burden Per Hour

Medical Services Financial Metrics Overhead Burden Per Hour

Explanation: Measures the overhead burden per hour.

Formula: (Expenses - Cost of Goods Sold - Income Tax Expense) / Time

Report codes used: EXP, EXP.COS, EXP.TAX, TIM

Patient Satisfaction

Medical Services Patient Metrics Patient Satisfaction

Explanation: Shows patient satisfaction as a percentage.

Formula: Customer Satisfaction

Report codes used: OPR.CSR


Screen Shot 2018 10 16 at 12.40.28 AM

Explanation: Shows the number of existing customers compared to the number of new customers.


  • Existing: Total Customers - New Customers
  • New:  New Customers

Report codes used: CUS.TOT, CUS.NEW


Medical Services Patient Metrics Referrals

Explanation: Shows the total number of referrals per month.

Formula: Sales - Referrals

Report codes used: SAL.REF

Top Ten OPEX

Medical Services Financial Metrics Top Ten OPEX2

Explanation: Shows the top ten operating expenses, excluding wages and income tax expense, individually. All other operating expense appears as 'Other'.

Formula: Expenses - Cost of Goods Sold - Wages and Salaries - Income Tax Expense

Report codes used: EXP, EXP.COS, EXP.WAG, EXP.TAX

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