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MYOB have recently merged their AccountRight Live and MYOB Essentials into one product, AccountRight Business. This means that you can import from all MYOB AccountRight Business products using the MYOB integration within Spotlight, even if you previously used MYOB Essentials.

Preparing to import

Before you import your data, please check the following:

  • To ensure the data is up to date, sync your MYOB data before the import.  This ensures that the data held on your local computer is updated from the cloud and available for the Spotlight import.
  • The MYOB data file must have been rolled to the current financial year.
    If you don't roll your MYOB data file to the new financial year, Spotlight doesn't receive the journals posted at the end of the financial year. This can then cause a rounding figure on your balance sheet. For further information, and details of how to resolve this if you prefer not to roll your MYOB data file, please refer to the section Troubleshooting.

Connecting to MYOB

The first time you import from MYOB, you need to authorise Spotlight to connect to your data.  If you've already imported previously, please continue to the next section, Importing data.

  1. From the Import tab, click the MYOB AccountRight option. Alternatively, if you’ve already added another data source, from the Data Source drop-down list choose MYOB AccountRight.
  2. A message appears to prompt you to connect to MYOB AccountRight Live. Click Continue.
  3. Enter your MYOB login details, then click Sign in.
  4. Once the authorisation is complete, you are redirected back to Spotlight. From the Company File drop-down list, select the organisation you want to import, then click Open File.
    Note: If User ID and Password boxes appear, the login you entered into MYOB originally does not have the required access to import from this company. Select a different company or enter the required login information.

We would recommend having either administrator or bookkeeper user roles and have access to reports in all areas.

MYOB User permissions

You are now connected to the MYOB data and can import the information.

Importing data

To re-authorise the connection (if required)

When you import the data, if it has been some time since you first authorised the connection you may need to authorise this again.

  1. From the Import tab, click the MYOB data source.
  2. If the date ranges to import data appear, the connection is already active - please proceed to the next section. If the message 'Could not access MYOB' appears, please continue to step 3.
  3. Click the Request Access button, then once prompted click Continue.
  4. Log in to your MYOB data.  When you are returned to Spotlight, click Open File.  

You can then continue with the import.

To import the data

  1. From the Import tab, click the MYOB data source.
  2. Select the check boxes for any actual, budget, job or category data you want to import.
    Note: If the message 'Could not access MYOB' appears, the authorisation for Spotlight to connect to your MYOB data may have expired. To re-authorise this, click Request Access, then click Continue and log in to your MYOB data. When you are returned to Spotlight, click Open file and continue with your import.
  3. If required, to select particular job or category data to import, click Edit Jobs or Edit Categories, select the required options and then click Confirm Selection.
  4. For each item, enter the date range you want to import.
    Note: The first time you import, this should include any history you want to bring into Spotlight. You can import the current financial year, and up to three previous years. After the first import, you need only import the date range which has been updated in MYOB.
  5. To continue, click Import.
  6. A message appears to prompt you to check that you’ve synchronised the MYOB data file. To continue, click Import.

The first time you import, the process may take a few minutes. In subsequent imports, you can bring in only the updated data to speed up the process. If you reimport the data for a range you’ve already imported, the new data replaces the old information.

Checking your account mapping

As MYOB uses some account classifications and numbers which aren't available in Spotlight, the first time that you import your data we recommend that you check that your accounts appear in the correct section.  

Note: You only need to do this after your first import.  For subsequent imports, Spotlight recognises the report codes you've already set.

  1. Open the Customise Data tab, then click the required tab, for example Assets.
  2. In the Report Code column, check that the report code shown matches the type of account.  
  3. If required, to change a report code click the existing code, browse to and select the new area, then click Save.

Removing the connection to MYOB

To remove and delete all of your MYOB data, from the Import tab click Remove Account.

Note: Removing the MYOB account will permanently delete all of your MYOB data from Spotlight, along with any report code or Spotlight display name changes that you’ve previously made.


For information about troubleshooting imports, or what to do if the data values appear to be incorrect, please refer to Troubleshooting MYOB data imports.

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