Not for Profit Charts

Average Donation Value

Not For Profit Template Average Donation Value

Explanation: Shows the average donation value per transaction.

Formula: Trading Revenue / Sales Transactions

Report codes used: REV.TRA, SAL.TRA

Donor Growth

Not For Profit Template Donor Growth

Explanation: Shows the percentage of donor growth per month.

Formula: (Total Customers - Total Customers Last Month) / Total Customers Last Month * 100

Report codes used: CUS.TOT

Overheads % to Revenue

Not For Profit Template Overheads to Revenue

Explanation: Shows the wages and overheads costs as a percentage of trading revenue.


  • Wages:  Wages and Salaries / Trading Revenue * 100,
  • Overheads: (Expenses - Cost of Goods Sold - Wages and Salaries) / Trading Revenue * 100

Report codes used: EXP.WAG, EXP.COS, EXP.WAG, REV.TRA

Recurring vs One-Off Donations

Not For Profit Template Recurring vs One Off Donations

Explanation : Shows recurring revenue and one-off revenue.


  • Recurring: Recurring Revenue
  • One-Off: (Trading Revenue - Recurring Revenue)

Report codes used: REV.TRA.REC, REV.TRA

Top Ten OPEX

Not For Profit Template Top Ten OPEX

Explanation: Shows the top ten operating expenses for the year. Any operating expenses outside of the ten show as 'Other'.

Formula: Expenses - Cost of Goods Sold - Wages and Salaries - Income Tax Expense

Report codes used: EXP, EXP.COS, EXP.WAG, EXP.TAX

Total Donors

Not For Profit Template Total Donors

Explanation: Shows the number of total donors and new donors for each month of the year.

Formula: Total - (Total Customers - New Customers), New - New Customers

Report codes used: CUS.TOT, CUS.NEW

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