Personal Wealth - Excel Import

With the Personal Wealth options in Spotlight Reporting, you can report on your clients’ personal assets, outgoings and investments. You can create standalone reports, or combine the new information with existing financial reports to give a full picture of your clients' financial position.

Note: You can also import data for the Personal Wealth reporting in Spotlight by using the manual entry option.

Understanding the spreadsheet

The tabs available

There are four tabs in the workbook. While you don’t need to complete all tabs, some pages and charts in the personal wealth templates require specific account types, so we recommend that you import data for all options.

  • Wealth - Asset and liability values. These should be the year to date values.
  • Cashflow - Monthly inflow and outflow values. These should be the month end totals.
  • Budget - Budget figures for the inflow and outflow accounts. These should be month end total budget values.
  • KPI Actuals - The actuals value for each KPI. For asset and liability values, these should be year to date actuals, and for inflow and outflow accounts these should be month end values.

The information in each tab

The Wealth, Cashflow and Budgets tabs should contain at least three fixed columns:

Note: If you use the sample import template, you should delete the sample text shown in row 2.

  • Column A - Account Name - The account name as shown in your chart of accounts.
  • Column B - Category - The category for the account.  This column is used to group accounts by Category on some report pages, so you can enter any category names you need.  For example, accounts for Dividends and Interest may both be placed in an 'Investment' category.  
  • Column C - Account Type - The type of account. You can import the following account types: Asset, Liability, Inflows, Outflows, KPI.
  • Column D onwards - Monthly values - Enter the month and year in the column heading, and the values for each account below.
    For assets and liabilities, enter the year to date values. For inflow and outflow accounts, enter the month end totals.

Importing the data

  1. From the Import tab, select the Excel - Personal Wealth data source.
  2. Click the new data source and use the link to download the Excel template.
  3. Open the downloaded template and complete the data as required. For information on the required data, please refer to the previous section.
  4. Save the spreadsheet on your computer, then from the Import tab in Spotlight, select the Excel - Personal Wealth data source and click Choose file.
  5. Browse to and select your saved spreadsheet, then click Open.
  6. Once the file uploads, to complete the process click Import.
    Note: Once the import is complete, if any errors are reported please check the error message and correct any issues before re-importing the Excel file.

You will need to import updated values each time you run the report. If any accounts have not been mapped correctly, you can change the Report Code in the Customise Data tab to correct the mapping.

Troubleshooting - Data not importing

For information about the areas to check if your Excel data doesn't import as expected, please refer to our Troubleshooting Excel Imports article.

Available report templates

There are two templates available to report on the Personal Wealth data.  You can find further information about these in the separate articles:

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