Report Codes

When you import your data, each account is automatically assigned a report code.  If you import from Xero or QuickBooks Online, the report code and account type depends on how you've set up the account in your original chart of accounts. If you import from Excel, your spreadsheet includes the account type, and Spotlight uses this and the account name to assign the report codes.

The report codes appear as buttons within the Customise Data grid.  For example, the report code for a trading revenue account is REV.TRA. These codes help Spotlight determine how to display each account in your reports.

report code

Although the need to change the report code is quite rare, you can amend them.  To do this, click the existing report code and select the new one you'd like to use.  Most people can happily use Spotlight without the need to change report codes.

Screen Shot 2017 01 19 at 12.42.22 AM

Download a full list of Spotlight Report Codes.

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