The Drivers page

If you have set up drivers to use within your forecast, you can include these in your report output by using the Drivers page.

To add the Drivers page to your report

  1. Open the Customise Layout tab, then click Add Page.

Add page button

  1. From the left-hand pane, select Drivers and KPIs.
  2. Select the Drivers page, then click Next.

Add driver crop

  1. If required, change the page name and select the position for the new page, then click Add Page.

The new page is now added to your report.

Working with the Drivers page

  1. Open the Customise Layout tab, then locate your Drivers page and click Customise.
  2. The first time that you customise the page, the settings automatically appear. To view the settings for any subsequent changes, click Show Settings.
  3. In the Date range section, select the period for which you want to show drivers on your report.

Date range

  1. In the Drivers section, select the first driver you want to include from the drop-down list.

Choose driver2

  1. If required, to add more drivers, click the Add Drivers button and then select the additional drivers.
  2. If required, to show the custom categories you have set up for the drivers, select the Show Category check box.
  3. To view the report, click Update.
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