Troubleshooting MYOB Import

When you import data from MYOB, the majority of the time everything runs smoothly.  If you do encounter any issues, please check the solutions below.

The data in Spotlight doesn't agree to the data in MYOB

Sync your MYOB data, then import again.  This ensures that the data held on your local computer is updated to the cloud and available for the Spotlight import.

The data import runs slowly or appears to freeze

Import the data in small increments, for example 2-3 months.  

Note: After your first import, you only need to import updated data, not the full data history.

A large value appears for Rounding in the balance sheet

Ensure that you've rolled your MYOB data file into the next financial year.

If you haven't done this, Spotlight doesn't receive the year end journals and this causes an imbalance, which the Rounding account rectifies.

If you prefer not to roll your MYOB data file, you can still use Spotlight. To correct the Rounding value, obtain the figure for last year's profit and manually adjust the retained earnings value for the current year in Spotlight.

The message 'Could not access MYOB' appears

If this message appears when you click the MYOB data source, the authorisation to connect to MYOB has expired. MYOB only allows the authorisation to be held for a maximum of 12 hours.

  1. Click Request Access, then enter your login details for MYOB again.
  2. Click Open File, and continue with your import as normal.

Accounts appear in a different area in Spotlight to MYOB

As MYOB uses some account classifications and numbers which aren't available in Spotlight, the first time that you import your data we recommend that you check that your accounts appear in the correct section.  

Note: You only need to do this after your first import.  For subsequent imports, Spotlight recognises the report codes you've already set.

  1. Open the import tab, then click the required tab, for example Assets.
  2. In the Report Code column, check that the report code shown matches the type of account.  
  3. If required, to change a report code click the existing code, browse to and select the new area, then click Save.

Cash values in Spotlight don't match the values in MYOB

This can occur if cash journals in MYOB have been deleted since the data was first imported.

To resolve this, re-import the historical data, for example for the previous financial year.

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