Troubleshooting Sage Accounts imports

When you import data from Sage Accounts, the majority of the time everything runs smoothly.  If you do encounter any issues, please check the solutions below.

A large value appears for Rounding in the balance sheet

There are a couple of possible causes for this:

  • The Year End process has not been completed in Sage Accounts.

    If you haven't done this, Spotlight doesn't receive the year end journals and this causes an imbalance, which the Rounding account rectifies.  If you prefer not to complete the year end, you can still use Spotlight. To correct the Rounding value, obtain the figure for last year's profit and manually adjust the retained earnings value for the current year in Spotlight.

  • The Year End process has been completed in Sage Accounts, but since then transactions have been posted into the previous financial year.  To check this, run the Balance Sheet report in Sage Accounts and check for a 'Previous Year Adj' line.

Accounts appear in a different area in Spotlight to Sage Accounts

As Sage Accounts uses some account classifications and numbers which aren't available in Spotlight, the first time that you import your data we recommend that you check that your accounts appear in the correct section.  

Note: You only need to do this after your first import.  For subsequent imports, Spotlight recognises the report codes you've already set.

  1. Open the import tab, then click the required tab, for example Assets.
  2. In the Report Code column, check that the report code shown matches the type of account.  
  3. If required, to change a report code click the existing code, browse to and select the new area, then click Save.

One or more Sage accounts don't appear in Spotlight

If any accounts are missing after the import, this may be because they are not included in the Chart of Accounts you selected when importing data.

To check and resolve this:

  1. In Spotlight, open the Import tab and note which Chart of Accounts appears.
  2. In Sage 50 Accounts, run the Check COA option for the relevant chart and add any missing accounts to the chart.
  3. Re-import your data into Spotlight.

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