What's new in Spotlight Forecasting?

If you've used Spotlight Forecasting for a while, you may notice some changes. We've recently updated our Task Manager to be easier to use and provide additional options when working with your budgets and forecasts. Here's a quick outline of what we've changed.

Connecting your data source

You can now connect your data source directly from the Task Manager tab, before you begin working on your budgets or forecasts. This makes it easier to get up and running in the beginning and to import data which is then available to sync into any budget or forecast task for the organisation.

Importing and syncing your data

You can now import updated data once for the whole organisation, rather than needing to import in each budget or forecast you want to change. Once you've imported the data, to make it available for a budget or forecast simply open the task you want and use the Sync Data option to quickly bring the data into the task, without the need for a full import.


Creating budgets and forecasts

You can now create up to 30 budgets and forecasts in each organisation, providing the ability to predict multiple possible outcomes.

Where previously you could use the Scenario option to create additional forecasts, now you simply need to use the 'Make a Copy' option - you can still add adjustments if you need.

Make a copy

Viewing key information

All of your budgets and forecasts now appear listed in the Tasks pane within the Task Manager, making it clearer and easier to see what you're working with. For each budget or forecast, you can view the range, last date of actuals and who last worked on the task, without the need to open it. You can also easily delete unwanted budgets or forecasts.

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