To help you more clearly see how each entity compares to others in your consolidation, we've added an improved version of our Rankings page. This page includes flexibility for the number of entities, the ability to exclude zero value entities from the report, and more control over sorting and decimal places.

To add the Rankings page to your report


The page already appears in the default templates, but if it doesn’t appear in your report you can easily add it:

  1. Open the Customise Layout tab, then click Add Page.

    rankings add page2

  2. From the Page Type drop-down list, choose the new Rankings page.

    rankings choose page

  3. Rename the page if required.
  4. From the Insert After drop-down list, choose which page you want to insert the new page after.
  5. Click Save.

To customise the Rankings page


To access the customisation options, from the Customise Layout tab click the Customise button on the Rankings page thumbnail, then click Show Settings. There are then a number of options available.

Page Settings

  • Number of entities to display - By default, the page includes 20 entities. If required, adjust the number you want to include on the page.
  • Anonymisation - If you don't want to see the name of each entity, select this check box. Each entity will then appear with the anonymised name you've set within the consolidation's settings.

Customise Sections

You can display a maximum of six sections on each Rankings page. By default, these are Revenue, % of Revenue, Gross Profit, GP%, Net Profit, and NP%.

To add a new section

Note: If there are already six sections, you will not be able to add a new one. Instead, you should remove an existing section, or alternatively add a new Rankings page to hold the extra information.

  1. Click the Add Section button.

    rankings add section

  2. Enter the required section settings for the new section.

To remove a section

  1. Click the section you want to remove.
  2. Click the Remove Section link.

    rankings remove section


Section Settings

When working with a section, there are a number of customisation options available.


  • Choose Your KPI - Choose the KPI or account you'd like to use to rank the entities. 
  • Title - Enter the name you want to use for this KPI. By default, this is the name of the account or KPI in Customise Data, but you can enter a new one if you prefer.
  • Unit - If required, enter the unit you want to use for the KPI. For example, you may want to indicate whether the KPI is measured in dollars, a percentage or other type of unit.

Display Options

  • Filter organisations - If required, to prevent entities with zero values for the KPI from appearing on the report, select the Hide organisations with zero values check box.
  • Sort by value - Select whether to sort the data in ascending or descending order.
  • Decimal places - Enter the required number of decimal places, to a maximum of two.


  • Show statistics - To show the table with Average, Median, Top 3 and Bottom 3 values for this KPI underneath the list of entities, select this check box.
  • Exclude zero values from calculations of statistics - To prevent entities with zero values being included in statistics, for example as bottom 3, select this check box.


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