Default Non-Financial Accounts

With Spotlight, you can monitor non-financial data against set targets. Once you've done this, you can report on the data in a custom chart.

The default non-financial accounts

There are a number of default non-financial accounts included in Customise Data.


  • New customers
  • Total customers


  • Customer satisfaction
  • Size
  • Stock
  • Volume
  • Weight


  • Sales - closed
  • Sales - enquiries
  • Sales - items
  • Sales - leads
  • Sales - online
  • Sales - store
  • Sales - transactions


  • Staff - departures
  • Staff - total


  • Time - Billable
  • Time - Non-billable


  • Website visits

Entering values to default accounts

As each default account already has a report code set, you can enter the required values directly into the relevant months.

You have the option to import data from Excel or manually enter the figures directly into the data grid. If you wish to learn about Excel imports you can read about this from the Excel import article.

  1. From the Customise Data tab, click the Non-Financial tab.
  2. Locate the account you want to amend, then enter the actual values directly into the data grid against the account name.
  3. Below the actual line, there is also a Target line. The target line relates directly to the account above, you enter your target values directly into this line.

Note: When entering non-financial values to the data grid, you should enter the month-end balances.

Screen Shot 2017 02 24 at 2.06.13 PM

Each time you run your report, you will need to enter the target and actual values for any new months. You can now display the accounts using a Custom Chart or KPI Target Scorecard.

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