Sage 50 Accounts

Supported Versions

You can import data into Spotlight from Sage 50 Accounts UK versions 2014 and above.

If you use an unsupported version, you can still import your data into Spotlight using the Excel import.

Preparing to import

To import your data into Spotlight, you’ll need to download and install the Spotlight Desktop Connector. You can do this from within your organisation.

Note: You only need to install the Desktop Connector the first time you connect to a Sage 50 Accounts file. If you’ve already installed this, please continue to the next section.

  1. Open or create your organisation as normal.
  2. From the Import tab, in the Add Data Source section click Desktop, then click Sage 50 Desktop.

    Screen Shot 2019 10 23 at 11.42.21 am

  3. Click the Sage 50 Desktop data source. Spotlight then searches for the Desktop Connector. As the Desktop Connector is not yet installed, click the link to begin.

    sage download desktop connector

  4. The setup file downloads automatically to your default downloads folder. Locate and double-click the setup.exe file, then when prompted, click Run.
  5. The Desktop Connector installs and a small splash screen appears. Once the splash screen disappears, the installation is complete.

Connecting your Sage 50 Accounts company file

  1. Within Spotlight, from the Import tab click the Launch button.
  2. To launch the Desktop Connector, click Load Company File.
  3. From the Company File drop-down list, select the Sage Accounts company file you want to import into Spotlight.

    sage desktop connector2

  4. Enter your Sage 50 Accounts username and password, then to continue, click Open.

You’ve now connected to the company file and can import your data.

Note: To import data into Spotlight from Sage Accounts, you must log in with the MANAGER user name or another username with full access.


Importing Data

Note:  The first time that you import data, you'll need to select the Chart of Accounts you want to use.  The selected Chart of Accounts will be used for all subsequent imports and can't be changed.

  1. From the Import tab, click the Sage 50 Desktop data source.
  2. Select the check boxes for any actual, budget and department you want to import.

    sage import data select

  3. If you are importing department data, to select the particular data to import, click Select Departments, select the required options and then click Confirm Selection.
  4. For each item, enter the date range you want to import.

    Note: The first time you import, this should include any history you want to bring into Spotlight. You can import the current financial year, and up to three previous years. After the first import, you need only import the date range which has been updated in Sage Accounts.

  5. To continue, click Import.

The first time you import, the process may take a few minutes. In subsequent imports, you can bring in only the updated data to speed up the process. If you reimport the data for a range you’ve previously imported, the new data replaces the old information.

Checking your account mapping

As Sage Accounts uses some account classifications and numbers which aren't available in Spotlight, the first time that you import your data we recommend that you check that your accounts appear in the correct section.

Note: You only need to do this after your first import. For subsequent imports, Spotlight recognises the report codes you've already set.

  1. Open the Customise Data tab, then click the required tab, for example, Assets.
  2. In the Report Code column, check that the report code shown matches the type of account.
  3. If required, to change a report code click the existing code, browse to and select the new area, then click Save.

Updating the Desktop Connector

From time to time, we may update the Desktop Connector to roll out new features and improvements. Updates are automatically downloaded and installed, however, you will need to restart the Desktop Connector application to use the latest version.

  1. In the Windows system tray, locate the Spotlight Desktop Connector icon desktop connector icon new.
  2. Right-click the icon, then choose Exit.
  3. Open the Spotlight Desktop Connector application from the Windows Start menu. 


If you encounter any difficulties importing your data from Sage 50 Accounts, please refer to our separate troubleshooting article.


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