Cash Charts

Cash in and out


Shows month by month comparison of cash coming in vs. cash going out. Please note that this chart is only available for Xero users.

Cash on hand - daily


Allows you to track cash on hand, at the close of business, for each day of the month.

Cash on Hand - with High and Low Balances


Shows the bank balance highs and lows during the month, which allows you to track how often you are dipping in to overdraft. The dot represents the closing bank balance at the end of the month.

Cash Target Monitor


Shows how close the organisation is to meeting cash targets set for the year - allows you to monitor cash levels.

Current Month's Cash


Shows cash in flows (green) and cash out flows (orange) for the month. This demonstrates where the profit is being spent, and why the profit and bank balances don't match.

Expense Cover Trend


Shows how many days' worth of expenses can be covered by the closing bank balance and receivables. Can help to evaluate whether a bank overdraft facility is need.


(Bank + Receivables) / Average Monthly Expenses excluding Tax (12 months) * 30

Future Cash


Shows the expected future cash inflows and outflows.

YTD Cash


Shows cash inflows (green) and cash outflows (orange) for the year to date. Helps to show where cash is being spent, and if this could be streamlined better.

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