Customise your budget, forecast and scenario data

Spotlight Forecasting lets you customise your budget, forecast and scenarios by adding adjustments to your accounts. You can also edit default rules and create new rules in your forecast and scenarios. You can click your browser Refresh icon, or the Refresh Profit and Loss link at the top of the screen to view your changes. Click Finish and go to the Task Manager at any time to perform a different task.

Note: Spotlight Forecasting does not automatically update a forecast or scenario when changes are made to any data source you’ve based it on. For example, if you change your budget and your forecast uses that budget as its data source, your forecast won’t be updated automatically. If you’d like your forecast to reflect the changes made to your budget, you can either:

  • Update your forecast manually, or
  • Open your forecast settings and click on a different data source to that already selected, then reselect the previous data source and then click on Save and Continue. When you do this, you will overwrite all your forecast data and any customisations made to its data.

Note: The Balance Sheet displays ‘as at’ balances.

Add, edit and delete an account
Adjust account values
Add and edit a Profit and Loss rule
Edit a Balance Sheet default rule
Add and edit a Balance Sheet rule
Add a Cashflow Forecast adjustment
Edit and delete a rule

If you are in a forecast or scenario, you can open the Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet or Cashflow Forecast by clicking the relevant tab. Open and close the account category sections by clicking the expand and collapse icon. For example, click the Balance Sheet tab and expand the Current Assets section to customise the accounts.

Click Finish and go to the Task Manager at any time to perform a different task.

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