Update your actuals or budget

If your previously created budget or forecast uses imported data, you can update your actuals or budget at any time. First, you'll need to import the updated data in the Task Manager tab, and then within the budget or forecast you can use the Sync Imported Data button found in the upper right-hand corner of the Customise Data tab, to bring through the data you want.

To import your data

  1. Open the Task Manager tab, and in the Import data section, select the check boxes for the data you want to import.
  2. If required, amend the date range, then click Import Data. You may be prompted to log in and authorise the import.

Once the import completes, the data is available for you to sync into your budget or forecast.

To sync the data to your budget or forecast

Note: If you choose to update budgets, your existing budget values in Spotlight will be overwritten. You should only update budgets if you want to replace the budget values currently held.

  1. Within your forecast, click the Sync Imported Data button.

Screen Shot 2022 07 26 at 10.04.46 am

  1. Select the check box for Sync Actuals, Sync Budget, or both, then enter the required date ranges.Note: The period-end date you select for your actuals must be in the past.
  2. To update the information, click Sync.
  3. Once the import completes, click Refresh Profit and Loss link.

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