Add, edit and delete an account

Spotlight Forecasting lets you manually add your own accounts. You can also edit and delete these accounts.

Note: To maintain the integrity of your budget or forecast, any imported accounts cannot be edited or deleted. Accounts that were archived in your data source but still have amounts, will be displayed in a row with pink highlight.

From the Task Manager select the budget or forecast you’d like to customise by clicking the 'Edit' button. You’ll be taken to the Customise Data screen. To:

  • Add an account: Click Add Account, name your account and Save.
  • Edit an account name: Click the pencil icon, change the name and Save.
  • Delete an account: Click the pencil icon and Delete. Click Delete again.
  • Click Show Details to view and edit the:
  • Report Code: See Change your report codes.
  • Spotlight Display Name: Click in the field of your display name and make the required change.
  • Default Sales Tax Rate: Overwrite the default rate with the required rate.

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