Note: The Wealth template provides information from the personal wealth data that you add into Spotlight.  Before you begin, please ensure you've imported or entered personal wealth data using the myprosperity, Excel - Personal Wealth, or Personal Wealth - Manual  data source.

The Wealth template is designed to report on personal wealth data.  The report also includes the Table of Contents, Action Plan and Executive Summary pages.

Wealth Analysis

This page shows an overview of assets, liabilities and net worth for the client, plus some useful charts to illustrate key points of the data.

To edit the Wealth Analysis page

  1. From the Customise Layout tab, locate the required page then click Customise.
  2. To view the page options, click Show Settings.

wealth analysis show settings2

You can now edit the settings for the page.

The settings available

There are a number of different settings available on the report.

Detail level

You can choose from three detail levels for the report. Once you've made any changes, to show these changes on the report, click Update.

  • Summary with charts - This is the default setting on all new Wealth Analysis pages.  This  includes the summary Wealth table report and three charts from the Chart Gallery. If you prefer, you can customise these charts or change them for others from the gallery. In this detail level, accounts are listed by Category name.
  • Summary - This detail level includes the summary Wealth table report, but does not include any charts. In this detail level, accounts are listed by Category name.
  • Detailed - This shows the full detailed report. As this layout shows the most information, to ensure there is enough space for the account information it doesn't contain charts.
    Note: Detailed reports in Spotlight use the account name imported from your data source by default, unless you have manually changed the Spotlight Display Names. If you have changed the Spotlight Display Name, this appears in the detailed report.

Wealth Analysis Charts

If you've chosen the Summary with charts format, you can include three charts at the bottom of the page.  If you need to, you can change or edit the charts which are provided.  For further information please refer to Customising your charts.

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