Get Started With Spotlight Forecasting

Use Spotlight Forecasting to create and customise a Profit and Loss budget, Profit and Loss or 3-way forecast and up to three scenarios. Your reports can be run for a period up to 60 months. Here’s the information you need to sign up to Spotlight Forecasting, set up your organisation, and get started.

Process: Create a budget, forecast and scenario

Here is a suggested end-to-end process to help you create a budget, forecast and scenario.

Note: You do not need to create a budget in the budget manager before creating a forecast. However, you must create a budget or forecast before you can create a scenario. You may create one budget and forecast, and up to three scenarios for each organisation.

  1. Select a task from the Task Manager
  2. Enter your budget, forecast and scenario settings
  3. Select a data source
  4. Select which data to use
  5. Customise your budget, forecast and scenario data
  6. Create an audit trail
  7. Customise your report layout and content
  8. Preview your report
  9. Share and export your report

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