Get Started With Spotlight Forecasting

You can use Spotlight Forecasting to create and customise a profit and loss budget, a full three-way forecast and up to 30 Forecasts or Budgets for a five year date range.  To set up your organisation and get started, follow the process below.

Note: Our Getting Started and Become an Expert training videos can help you save time by seeing Spotlight Forecasting in action.

Create a budget, forecast and scenario

  1. Select a task from the Task Manager

    Note: You do not need to create a separate budget before you create a forecast. However, you must create a budget or forecast before you can create a scenario.
  2. Enter your budget, forecast or scenario settings
  3. Select a data source

    Use a pre-existing budget, forecast or scenario as your data source
    Enter your data manually
    Import your data
    Update your actuals
  4. Select which data to use
  5. Customise your budget, forecast and scenario data

    Add, edit and delete an account
    Adjust account values
    Add and edit a Profit and Loss rule
    Edit a Balance Sheet default rule
    Create a Balance Sheet rule
    Apply a Cashflow Forecast adjustment
    Edit and delete a rule
    Reassign a rule to a different account
  6. Create an audit trail

    Add a comment
    Add, edit and delete a note
    View the history
  7. Customise your report layout and content

    Select a report filter
    Customise the report layout
    Customise report content
  8. Preview your report
  9. Share and export your report

    Export a copy of your report
    Share your report
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