Entity Analysis (Account Groupings)

The Entity Analysis (Account Groupings) page provides more flexibility and customisation options for better readability and analysis of reports. For example, you can group low importance/value accounts and just show a subtotal so that they don’t draw attention away from more important accounts. You can also change the order in which accounts display to show the most important accounts or groups at the top of each section. You can save the layouts you create and quickly re-use them on another page for that organisation.


To add the Entity Analysis (Account Groupings) page

The page already appears in the default templates, but if it doesn’t appear in your report you can easily add it:

  1. Open the Customise Layout tab, then click Add Page.
  2. From the left-hand pane, click the Profit and Loss category.
  3. Select the Entity Analysis (Account Groupings) option, then click Next.
  4. If required, enter a new name for the page.
  5. Select either the 'Accrual' or 'Cash' option.
  6. From the Insert After drop-down list, choose which page you want to insert the new page after.
  7. Click Add Page.

To amend the Entity Analysis (Account Groupings) page

Add a new layout

  1. From the Customise Layout tab, locate the page, then click Customise.
  2. Click Create Layout.

Entity Analysis add layout


Delete a saved layout

Note: Once you remove a layout, you cannot undo this.

  1. From the Customise Layout tab, hover the mouse over the new Entity Analysis page, then click Customise.
  2. View the page settings by clicking the Show Settings link in the upper right corner of the page.
  3. Click the trash icon alongside the layout you want to delete.


Entity Analysis delete layout 

Note: A layout cannot be deleted if it is the active layout in another Profit and Loss Analysis page within your report.


Edit a layout

  1. From the Customise Layout tab, hover the mouse over the new Entity Analysis page, then click Customise.
  2. View the page settings by clicking the Show Settings link in the upper right corner of the page.
  3. Select the layout you want to edit and click the small pencil icon alongside the saved layout.

Note: Edits made to a layout apply to all pages which use the saved layout. 


Entity Analysis Edit layout


Re-order accounts/groups

  1. Click to select the account(s) or group you want to re-order.
  2. Drag the selected option(s) and drop into the required position. 

Note: You cannot use drag and drop to move accounts from one section (e.g. Revenue) to a different section (e.g. Cost of Sales). Instead, you will need to consider changing the report code from the Customise Data tab.


Add a group

  1. Click to select the account(s) you want to group.
  2. Once you've selected the required accounts, click the New Group button.

    add grouping 

  3. Complete the window as follows:

    • Enter the name for the group
    • Select to display the accounts within the group as detailed or summary
    • Select the sorting type.
    • Check to show or hide zero value accounts from the group
    • Check to show or hide the group's subtotal

    grouping settings 


Add a sub-group 

Within your group, if you need to you can add another level of grouping. For example, you might want to group some items onto a single line as a 'Summary' sub group.

  1. Create your main group, then click to select the accounts you want to group within this.
  2. Click the New Group button.


  3. You can now complete the window as outlined in the section above.

 Group options

Once you've added your group, you can adjust the formatting using the icons in the group header.  There are several options available:

 grouping header


  • Pencil: edit group name
  • Eye: show/hide sections (only root/first level section)
  • Trash can: delete group
  • A-Z: sort alphabetically
  • 9-1: Sort numerically from highest to lowest
  • 0: Show/hide zero account
  • ∑: Show/hide subtotal

Note: To add more accounts into the group, click and drag accounts from the same section into the group. To remove accounts from the group, click and drag accounts out of the group.


Customise Columns

There are a number of options available to customise the columns in your report. Once you've made any changes, to show these changes on the report, click Update.

Note: You can have a maximum of 12 columns per page. If you need to show more options, you can add multiple profit and loss pages to your report with the Add Page option.  You can then customise the new page to include the additional columns.

Customise Columns Entity Analysis 


The Comparisons options are available within the Customise Columns option. The comparisons available include the option to compare monthlytwo monthly or quarterly values, and include budget and prior year comparisons.

Note: The comparison options contain multiple columns. As the maximum number of columns on a page is set to 12, if the total number of columns you need is above this you will need to use the Add Page option to include new copies of the Profit and Loss Analysis page.

Comparisons Entity Analysis 

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